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Gently understand and heal your past so you can be confident with who you are in the present.

Do you feel life has a higher purpose and that you have spent your life so far searching for what that is? 

Would you like to find out the truth of who you really are?

Would you like to find out why you are here and what your life mission might be?

Would you like to better connect with the spiritual realm and your spiritual guide? 

Do you have health issues and would like to find out why?

So what is Past Life Regression and Life between lives therapy?


This is a deep hypnotic process designed to take you back to your previous incarnations for personal growth and understanding. 

Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see. Physically we have the personality we have developed in this life. That is the person you tell yourself you are. This is made up of experiences and learnings of this life time which are energetically recorded within you.

We are also the combination of the experiences and learnings of countless previous lives. During a 'Life Between Lives' session we gently travel back to your most recent past life  and then back further to when you were in the spirit world. Here you get an overview of all the themes and learnings of your past lives.  


Here you also get to know that part of you that doesn’t die your soul, known as your true self or deeper part of you, that remains constant through your physical lives.

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