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 About Caroline


Sessions Avaliable:

Past Life Intro Session


Ideal for someone who has never had hypnotherapy before.

Great to overcome any blocks to PLR


Regular Past Life Regression


Required before LBL session.



Life Between Lives Regression

(around 4hrs)

Experience your soul self!




Other Sessions avaliable upon request


About Caroline


Hi I'm Caroline Kasputtis and I enjoy assisting people to overcome challenges their life so they can be clear on their purpose for this life. Over the last 10 years I have been helping people using Hypnotherapy.


I work with you, gently facilitating your transformation, and ensuring you feel safe and comfortable at all times. I have trained with and am a member of Newton Institute ‘Life between Life Hypnotherapy’ I am experienced in age regression and Past Life Regression. I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and I am a Professional Clinical Member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

I also help people through my quarterly newsletter and Workshop on 'How to get a bigger bite out of life' 


"Caroline's gentle manner set me at ease straight away, and I felt relaxed during and after my session. Her professional techniques effectively shifted old patterns from my past life which had  resurfaced in the present. I was unsure as to why I could not move forward with my life, past life regression provided the answers. In the session I revisited the relevant life time, and by understanding what the surrounding circumstances had been when the patterns had been formed I then was able to release & heal them. It has been weeks since my session and I feel a sense of freedom, new doors are opening in my life.


Thank you Caroline for all your help "


Katie, Parkdale

I specialise in helping the following person: 

You may not feel at home here on this planet and feel different to others. You are drawn to make a difference to others and can sometimes neglect your purpose. You rarely ask for help because you have an inner knowledge you are doing the right thing. You tend to see the good in others and see a silver lining in every situation.  You may be sensitive to urban settings, and the reality of modern life. You may have grown up feeling you couldn’t relate to your immediate family. You may feel less connected to your physical family or you were sent specifically to an emotionally distant or dysfunctional family in order to help them. You may have a history of addiction in your family. You love the idea of freely spreading love, compassion and guidance. You may  feel a longing to ‘go home’ that you can’t really explain. You have an innate understanding of the magic of life, the universe and simply being alive. 

I urge you to call 1300 850 774 for a complimentary

15 min consultation about how I can help you

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