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The Newton Method

Getting in touch with your soul wisdom allows you to let go of dis empowering habits and behaviours....
understanding the emotions and interpretations behind your experiences allows you to release your past. 
Some of your habits and behavious have been patterns over many incarnations. 
What is the Newton method?


Caroline uses the Newton Method for Life between Lives therapy.


The Newton Method of LBL Hypnotherapy is the result of more than 25 years of initial research by Michael Newton with over 7,000 of his clients – research that continues to build via The Newton Institute, the organisation he developed to continue his work


Michael Newton’s research enabled him to assemble a model of the spiritual realm. He documented consistent reports from thousands of clients of the existence and incredible support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life; personal guides and teachers, all ready to guide each one of us through and between each life. Wisdom and insights you can now access through Caroline's Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy session. 

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