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LBL Hypnotherapy

What is Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy?


The advantage of experiencing yourself at this level is it helps you understand where your soul is at and what lessons it seeks to learn in its quest for development and perfection.


Your soul uses each physical life to learn lessons to develop itself further.  


The opportunity of being in soul state & the benefit of visiting the spirit world:

By being regressed to when you were in the spirit world you are able to meet and speak to your own personal guides and helpers.  The spirit world occurs in ‘Now’ time which means you can ask questions about your current life and any of your past lives. You can also meet your soul family (a group of souls you tend to incarnate with throughout your lifetimes) some of which you will probably recognize from your current life.

You can find out why you chose to be born into the family you have been and what the bigger picture for your personal growth is. You can find out why you chose the body you have and if there are any lessons to learn around how you view your body. You can also meet with a group of wise beings known as the council and find out what your key lessons are for this life.

If you have always felt different from others you can find out what the origins of your soul are. Ask spiritual advisors any questions you have about this life.

You can also see an overview (or birds eye view) of your previous incarnations and the themes and key learnings being worked on. You can also Do bulk healings on numerous past lives 

Have an experience of your immortal self. Be profoundly moved by who you really are. Know your physical self is only a small portion of who you are. Your deeper true self is full of so much wisdom and love that you experience yourself as truly whole, complete and unique.  

The opportunity:

This is a call for you to wake and move beyond the illusion of your life. This is a session you have the right to experience. By building the connection with your true self the limits the human conditioning imposes of your life fall away.


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Gain support from your personal guides and teachers
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