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Past Life Regression

Discover Life in a new and empowered way.
Connect with your inner strength and confidence by knowing and understanding your past.
This sense of confidence assists you to move forward in your current life with greater ease and peace
Why experiencing a past life helps you understand characteristics you have in your present life

We are so much more than who we know our self to be in this life. All of our experiences from birth and even before are recorded in our body mind and soul. When you journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from your soul’s past lives you get to see how and why you have developed in the way that you have.

Visiting a past life by using regression confirms you are so much more than this life. In a past life session you are guided back into your childhood, into the womb and into a long forgotten past life.


A Past Life Regression session is necessary before participating in a Life between Lives session.

A lot of people have not been able to heal elements in this life because they have not gone back far enough. Anxiety from our past affects us today. This can be anxiety we experienced in our present life. Many people do not walk around consciously thinking to ourselves 15 years ago that bad boss or 10 years ago I had a failed business that put a dint in my self-confidence but what they experience instead is anxiety. When we meet someone who is like our past boss or when we have thoughts about starting a new business. This anxiety prevents us from doing the things that would assist us to live our potential.

If you feel you have been anxious about something, your whole life most likely it stems back to something that happened in a past life. It can also be patterns over many lifetimes that can be cleared with past life hypnotherapy.  Going back in time through past spiritual regression brings new perspectives and healing for individuals in a way no other therapy can achieve.

If you are someone who desires personal growth then lifting the vale on who you have been helps you understand, where you have come from and where you are going. This will help you be more at peace with who you are today.


Spiritual hypnotherapy can be used to:


  • Understand yourself better 


  • Release something that is holding you back, whether it be a feeling, phobia, a limiting belief.


  • Retrieve something that serves us, whether that be a feeling that we need more of in our life today or a belief that helps us to stand in our own power more easily.


  • To explore for insight and growth, that will in turn allows you to step forward in your life with greater authenticity and self awareness



Book in for your session today. 

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