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A spiritual hypnotherapy session  helps to clear away the things you are ready to let go of so that you can live a fulfilling life. 
Connect with your inner strength and confidence by knowing and understanding your true self.
This sense of confidence assists you to move forward in your life with greater ease and peace. 


“What an amazing session, the most important insight from the session was the knowledge about the connection to my soul and the importance of holding my own power. I need to bring conscious awareness about my need to connect to that deeper part of me. I found it useful the insight that all challenges are an opportunity for growth. I got a clear sense of the people in my soul group.

I now feel like I am not a victim to life. I found it interesting that all the people in my soul group were specifically learning about power and being strong willed. Which in our language we say empowerment. This is my main learning for this life time. I felt everything is interconnected, endless possibilities are now open to me.”


“ What a powerful session, It was good to visit my last life, It was a really good life! He was well to do, had a great wife who people liked. He had the best of everything including money and liked the finer things in life. What I gained most from the session was taking off the soot stuff and disconnecting from the connection to his past body. One of the reasons for this is my past self’s way of dealing with problems was to avoid dealing with them. Another reason why it was good to disconnect with my past life body was I felt I had brought the energetic field of the large body into this life and my present life self doesn’t need that body. I also felt I got a lot out of understanding my place as a healer and why I want to be surrounded by healing energy. I look forward to a quieter mind. Also being more connected to my guides and knowing when they are present.”


“There was a lot of things I let go of and realized from having the session. I have learnt to take things as they are and that I can’t change what I can’t change. I have learnt that I can ask for what I want but at the end of the day I need to accept what the outcome is and not to worry about it. I can now choose the battles I have with my sister...”


“From having the session I have been able to see how strong I am. By reviewing my past lives connected with self-worth was a real eye-opener. Also the theme about love and my role in the spirit world was very helpful for me to know so I can draw upon this strength to deal with self-worth issues. There is a lot to digest and integrate into my everyday life”

Anne Marie

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